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Trying it Tuesday: Winter Book Swap

February 5, 2013
book exchange

It’s winter time! Even though February is here, there are still several months of winter weather left. I’m usually sooo over winter by December 26th. This winter has been even harder because of inversions that bring frigid temperatures and smog, cold weather and icy rain and snow storms.

winter book exchangeSo this winter we decided to have a book swap with some of the ladies in our neighborhood. Each person brought a book they wanted to share with someone else. When other ladies found the book they wanted, they brought their new read home in a cute paper bag filled with a water bottle, bookmark, and cookies. (Everyone needs a yummy treat in my opinion while reading).

For the water bottles we bought a 48 pack of 20 oz bottles from Costco, then tied them with cut out paper from a real book and twine. The handmade bookmarks were made with cardstock and scrapbook paper and tied with twine. The cookies were the Neiman Marcus $250 chocolate chip cookie recipe from earlier this year.

Here are some other great book swap ideas from around the web:

book swap ideas

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