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I Just Can’t…

January 11, 2013
i just cant

My New Year is off to a slow start. After a Christmas filled with family, goodies and sweets I needed to detox.

I planned for that detox to start–you guessed it, January 1st.

It’s been a little struggle to get back to the diet and exercise routine I had before Christmas.  I could blame it on the weather which has been in the twenties. With ice on the ground and frigid air it’s not the most ideal of running conditions.

I could also blame my decreased exercise on the air quality. January in Utah creates air quality that exceeds the extremely poor air quality found in Beijing. With red flag days, exercising outside is a no go.

The dogs are restless as they miss their afternoon runs. I miss the outdoors and the way I can just get out, run, and plan my route along the way.

Eating is hard too when you feel like all you do is stay inside all day where food is all around you. All the time.

So, this is where my January resolutions have gone…

I just can’t

blame everything on the poor weather, or having to be inside more. By doing that, I’m justifying that it’s okay to adopt bad eating habits again, or to justify my lack of desire for exercise. Once you’ve worked so hard for something, it’s really hard just to give it up knowing how hard you’ll have to work again to get it back.

Here are some things that I found have helped this week:


Mix Up My Workouts

I’ve lived in Utah quite a few years and can’t believe that I’ve never learned to ski. We took the kids and headed up and out of the smoggy valley to the mountains where we enjoyed a day of learning to ski. It was the perfect thing to get me out of my rut and to feel energized again.

P.S. If you live in Utah, January is Ski and Snowboard Month. You can get a lesson, day lift  pass and ski rental for as low as $39!

Treadmill Mix Up

Running on the treadmill is b-o-r-i-n-g. Add to that the guilt I feel as I’m running and the dogs are laying beside the treadmill looking up at me wishing they were the ones running too. I do tend to mix it up on the treadmill. I found this great site that has three different workouts for the treadmill.

Out With the White

I am really working on throwing out the white sugar. I’m addicted and I am going to work hard this week to not bring it into the house. (If you couldn’t guess, this is last week’s goal AND this coming week’s goal. Didn’t do so well!)  Instead, I’ve started using powdered honey, coconut sugar, honey and raw sugar instead of white sugar.

Think I can do it? I KNOW I can!

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