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Campfire Meals

July 25, 2012

Tomorrow I will spend an entire 30 hours in the wilderness getting up close and personal with nature.

I really have to gear myself up for it. While I love VISITING nature for short increments of time (like an hour bike ride up the canyon), sleeping in it is another thing. I dread it. Fear it. Loathe it.

I have bear repellent packed, but I’m still looking for moose repellent. According to an article on wikipedia, if I find a wolf I’ll be okay. They don’t like their urine. Does that work the same for dogs? I’m bringing my dog with me.

I do have to admit that even though I refuse to leave my bedding at night because of a fear of animals, I do okay for one night in the wilderness. And I do enjoy the food. But after a day, I want my shower. Stat.

Here are a few of our campfire favorite stories and food. Enjoy!

* Dutch Oven Delights

* Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

* Sadie the Snorer (our yellow lab)

* S’Mores Dessert (Campfire Nostalgia)

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