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Beyond Burnt…

June 27, 2012
burned spatula, melted spatula

burned spatula, melted spatula

My dad warned my husband before we got married that I had a “knack” for ruining appliances.

“It’s not that she destroys them, or is rough with them, it just sort of…happens when she uses them,” he said to my husband.

I am a firm believer that when a couple gets married they must own a pair of rose colored glasses. Everything looks great through those glasses and the person you are marrying has no faults. You just sort of… look past their faults.  I’m convinced that if you could hit the fast forward button and see into your marriage years down the road I think that those glasses would come off pretty quickly.

Being married to me is NOT cheap. My poor husband has to have a “Traci’s appliance fund” set into the budget. I seem to have a knack for breaking things right after the warranties expire.

Don’t believe me? Check out June’s expenses:

Dishwasher Repair (needed a filter clean out): $93.00

Burned Spatula: $8.00 –this was a bargain!

New Screen for Laptop: $137.83 (I’ve somehow managed to crack three screens in the last year. I blame it on the kids. They are rough with the computer. They just hide it well so when I open the computer, the screen is cracked).

Burned or experimental meals that the family hated and ended up eating cereal instead: $23.97

Total: $262.80

In  my defense, I’ve decreased the amount of melted utensils and the amount of tossed out food this month.

Please, PLEASE say that you can relate.

*Rose colored glasses image courtesy of FotoSearch


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