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Strawberry Shortcake

June 3, 2012
strawberry shortcake

This weekend has been a rough one. Our baby girl (aka “Monkey”) had tubes placed in her ears and her adenoids taken out on Friday. The last few nights have been tough on her. The days seem to be okay though. And we parents are literally as exhausted as can be.  So if this post makes absolutely no sense, it’s okay, right?

What is great is that the kids have been out of school 2.85 days and the fighting is already erupting. I always look forward to having them home and doing all the fun activities like swimming, fairs, and going to movies together. I love having them home with me.  i would just love to erase the fighting though. 🙂

Literally right now, strawberries are filling an entire shelf of my refrigerator. I love them! From now until July when strawberry season is at it’s peak, it’s all I will eat. I will have trouble keeping up with them though because I buy so many! So these tips for freezing strawberries comes in handy!

Tips for Freezing Strawberries by Karen’s Kitchen

Yes, I would eat them fresh out of my garden but the strawberries are at war between the birds and the dogs. I caught my mini schnauzer eating one he had picked out of the garden the other day! The birds aren’t much better either. And the netting? Ha! I might as well have put neon lights up and an open invitation to party. The birds think it’s a fun challenge that they welcome.

strawberry shortcake

You can’t go this summer without strawberry shortcake though. I am torn between liking the biscuit style shortcake like the one I made above, and the light and fluffy style angel food cake type. Both are delicious in my opinion.

Here are some ways though to keep it simple and healthy:

* Opt for Greek yogurt (I like honey or vanilla) or regular yogurt as an alternative to heavy whipping cream or Cool Whip.

* If y0u just can’t part with Cool Whip, try TruWhip. It’s a lot more natural than Cool Whip.

* Instead of using strawberry sauces with added sugar in them, just use sliced strawberries. It’s natural sugar is all you need!

* Substitute yogurt for butter in your shortcake.

* Half the amount of sugar the shortcake calls for, or use natural sugars like coconut sugar.

Here are some of my favorite looking shortcake recipes from around the web:

Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake by Gluten Free Girl

raw Strawberry Shortcake by Healthy Soul

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe by Faux Martha

Vegan, Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free Strawberry Shortcakes by Without Adornment

Vegan Strawberry Shortcake by Vegan Housewives

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