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I Tried…

May 10, 2012
peanut butter caramel chocolate

Today, I tried.

I tried to make and post this dessert sooner, but the baby decided she only needed a 20 minute nap this morning.

peanut butter caramel chocolate

I tried to be a good Mom and have some treats ready when the kids got home.

The kids decided to bring their friends home from school.

My daughter and her friend decided to volunteer to walk our neighbors dog. The dog dragged them several blocks before getting away. They spent over an hour trying to hunt the dog down.

I spent that hour trying to calm a baby who had only had  a 20 minute nap all day and was subjected to a splashing by a stray water balloon that her brother and his friend were playing with.

The kids never got their treats.

The treats went to the neighbor in an apology and attempt to smooth things over.

And by the time dance was over, the dogs were walked, the homework was finished, and the kids put to bed I didn’t have much more energy to type out a recipe. So I’m sending you to where I got the recipe. And I”m sending an apology. I tried.

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