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Trying it Tuesday: Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza

April 3, 2012

My family and several friends had the opportunity to try Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza as part of our Mom’s Meet group.

Can Annie’s make anything bad tasting? Um, no. They hit another homerun with their rising crust pizza.

Many of the moms loved the homemade taste of the crust. It was absolutely delicious! My kids said that it tasted like the homemade pizza crust that I make. I find that is usually one of my biggest pet peeves of frozen pizza crusts. They always have a weird taste to them. This one did not.

The cheese and sauce were delicious and complimented the pizza perfectly. I loved that they used uncured pepperoni on their pepperoni pizza. The cheese pizza was equally as good with a mixture of four flavorful cheeses. Each of their pizzas are certified organic.

The price of each pizza was just as appealing. At my local Whole Foods market, the pizza only cost $7.99. With a $2 off coupon, the cost to feed a family of four with one pizza was only $5.99! The cost of Annie’s rivals most preservative filled frozen pizzas you would find at your local supermarket. But Annie’s ingredients are top quality.

If you get the chance, try Annie’s Organic Rising Crust Pizzas. You won’t be disappointed!

I had the opportunity of trying Annie’s Organic Rising Crust Pizza as part of the Mom’s Meet program. The pizzas were free, and so were my time and opinion in writing this. My opinion is my own as always.

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  1. April 7, 2012 2:47 pm

    Annie’s seriously can’t make anything bad tasting! I always have stash of those whole wheat bunnies and whole wheat mac and cheese in my pantry 🙂 I’ve never seen this pizza crust though, I’ll look out for it next time I’m at whole foods!

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