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Lemon Meringue Cookies

March 12, 2012

What a wonderful early spring teaser week we are enjoying! The weather was perfect this weekend and we enjoyed a fun weekend as a family. Lot’s of time was spent outside, and the baby even enjoyed her first real time outside playing in the grass.

This post caught my eye on Pinterest a few weeks ago. First, the mystery surrounding the recipe. There were only pictures of the lemons. And the pictures made me hungry for lemons. I’m a sucker for lemon recipes. I knew I had to try these cookies.

Except these cookies don’t really taste cookie like. It’s like lemon cotton candy that melts in your mouth.

Did I also mention these take several wonderful hours to bake? And that your home will smell absolutely incredible while they cook? Turn off the Scentsy, your home will become lemon fresh. (I know, it’s a lame pun).

I give full credit to Hillary at Marche Dimanche for the mystery recipe with no pictures. You intrigued me with your Meyer lemon photos and cookie recipe. But now, I’ll post the cookie. 🙂

Head over to Hillary’s blog now for the recipe. Just one hint though. The cookies don’t really get that golden shade after cooking. To make them golden on top, I stuck them under the broiler after they were done cooking for about 30 seconds. Beautiful!


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