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Caramel Apple Honey Wafer

January 11, 2012

We call this “dessert pizza” in my house. I love it! I can eat a whole pizza (apples, caramel, wafer) and it’s only 6 weight watchers points.

Have you ever had a honey wafer? I had no idea what they were to be quite honest. They are 90 calories of pure honey and wafer combined. They are delicious when warm and add flavor to anything you are making.

This is a simple and easy recipe. Simply warm your wafer in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, add some grilled apples on top, caramel (mmm!!) and maybe a few walnuts if desired. Note: It’s only 6 weight watchers points without the walnuts.

Where can you find honey wafers? I only found one place that has the original honey wafer. It’s called the Honey Wafer Baking Company. They’ve been making them since 1925. If you’re lucky enough to find them in a store near you–great! But if not you’ll want to order some and have them delivered.


1 honey wafer, warmed

1 apple, any variety sliced and grilled

1-2 tbsp caramel sauce

2 tbsp walnuts (optional)

Core and slice one apple. Place apples in a stovetop pan to grill if cold outside, or on a grill outside if warm. Arrange grilled apples on top of the warmed honey wafer. Top with caramel sauce and walnuts if desired. Use a pizza cutter to cut dessert pizza into slices. Serve warm.

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