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Why 6 Year Old’s Shouldn’t Decorate

December 2, 2011

He was so excited to help me that I just couldn’t say no, could I?

First he rolled all of the strands of white lights out in the living room, plugging them into the light socket to make sure that they worked. He even let the baby check, but that had to be put to a stop quickly.  Baby started crying and I asked him to put away the lights for the night while I settled her down. I’m not sure what happened but by the time I got back and got to putting up the lights outside it took me close to an hour to untangle them, even though they had been in nice straight lines in the living room.

As I’m outside putting up the Christmas lights he is running back and forth from outside to inside to check on my work. he sits with me for a minute or two then tells me he has to run inside to “get a snack” or “get a drink.” When I finally stop cursing the tangled lights and get them up, I walk inside and am greeted by “SURPRISE MOM!!”

He told me he had taken everything out of the box for me and even started decorating. You can only imagine after the evening of light untangling how I must’ve felt. It was a bit Scroogish until I just stopped and took a minute to relax and laugh. Now my living room is beautiful but I’m hoping seven year old boys are better at decorating than six year old boys.

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