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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2011

My lack of posts has been disturbing me lately. Developing new recipes and combinations has been pushed aside as term papers and studying for tests has taken it’s spot front and center. I am sad though, because I love Thanksgiving and have fallen back to some of my favorites for fall.

Our Thanksgiving will be spent…?? That’s still up in the air. We may be on the road, or sitting quietly at home together as a family. None of us really knows at this point and time. I will be excited for whatever we end up doing that day. A little flag football. Perhaps a hike with the dogs with babe in stroller and the kids with their bikes. Wherever and whatever we spend it doing we know that family and friends will be close.

I can remember my parents always loved to travel over the holidays–usually away from family. It was hard, because I always wanted to be close to our family and spend time with cousins. I can remember one particular Thanksgiving my parents and our family traveling. They couldn’t get reservations in time to the only restaurant in town serving a Thanksgiving dinner so we spent our Thanksgiving eating frozen TV dinners in our hotel room. (And just FYI: You cannot microwave a frozen pumpkin pie in the microwave and make it taste good. No matter how much whipping cream you put on it).  Since I got married I always vowed that we would have family close by for holidays. And have a real Thanksgiving meal ready to make in the freezer–just in case.

Around our Thanksgiving table we’ll enjoy a wonderfully easy breakfast of french toast casserole. Because in my opinion, the holidays are all about the breakfast to keep the kids mouths occupied while I cook away in the kitchen.

And kids need some snacks after a busy day of flag football and hiking. We always have a few goodies (like these pumpkin caramel cookies) stashed away for hungry mouths.

But we all know it’s about the dinner! Delicious turkey (or tofurkeyREALLY??? for some of my family members), green beans, gravy, (LOT’S of it!!) hearty rolls, and for my husbands family the Jello salad.

And I suddenly just remembered I forgot to find a good gravy recipe. Any suggestions??

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

See you on Monday with more fantastic recipes! 

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