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Dear Week,

November 16, 2011

You know it’s been a crazy week when you haven’t seen me post anything. At all.

The highlights of the week have included:

* A 10 page research paper that kept me up most of the night for two nights straight

* A call stating that one of our family is in the hospital in a foreign country.

* A daughter upset that her Mom sent her to school with her hair looking less than perfect this morning.

* A surprise to plan for daughter mentioned above who now “hates” her Mom. At least for the next hour.

* Another daughter that has decided she is not going to roll where she needs to go (heavens, that requires tummy time!). She is just going to perform this weird hip throw that propels her body across the floor and to where she wants to get causing parents and siblings to giggle with her, not at her.

* A series of mishaps from my little boy.

But these cute little pictures too:

Love pudgy little hands and feet!

Asleep on the couch with fingers (whole hand) in mouth

Your in the way doggie!


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