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Vegan Sweetened Condensed Milk

September 30, 2011

With child #1, we went through a whole process of giving up foods–gluten, dairy, etc. in an effort to finally find out what was wrong with her. She ended up having megacolon, a painful thing to watch her go through her first few years of her life but a relatively easy treatment.

Child #2 was allergic to everything, and eventually lived on expensive formula until we could settle him on soy.Ironically he will now eat anything and is a stick.

Baby #3? Seems to also carry on with her early allergy to milk. Which means I’m also on a dairy free diet once again.

My husband asks me why I do it. I tell him I’ve done it for 3 kids now. Would I choose to eat something the kids couldn’t have in front of them? My dad grew up with allergies. My mom’s approach was “we’re all on the bandwagon together. If someone can’t eat something, we’re all supporting them by not eating it.” In reality, looking back, I’m sure that it was because it was next to impossible for her to work full time, come home and try to make two different dinners every night.

I’m starting to find that making two different dinners, two different desserts, and two of everything isn’t an easy task.

And it’s expensive.

And desserts and treats have to be made ahead of time. So when I saw a picture from one of my favorite dessert bloggers, I thought there was NO way I could enjoy it. One of the ingredients was sweetened condensed milk. I’ve never seen a dairy free sweetened condensed milk sold in the store. And surely you couldn’t make it, could you?

Oh, you can.

But first, may I suggest reading these tips:


* It’s a relatively time consuming recipe but won’t eat up your entire day. As the water evaporates you can go about your chores, come back and stir the mixture every minute. It takes a good half hour + for the water to evaporate and the mixture to thicken–but the end results are worth it. My suggestion would be to have a few different pots going (I don’t suggest doubling the recipe in one pan) so you’ve got extra when you need it–especially since the holiday months are approaching and cooking sweets will be commonplace from now until Christmas!

* Have a Pyrex measuring cup handy. The recipe calls to reduce the mixture to one cup–however what I thought was one cup was actually closer to 2 cups. Ouch! Having the liquid measuring cup nearby was handy. I could pour it into the Pyrex and back into the saucepan.

* Head to the site GoDairyFree if you need dairy free substitutions. This site was a lifesaver for me and has substitutions for many popular ingredients. They also have several other sweetened condensed milk recipes if addition to this one.


3 cups soy or rice milk (I used vanilla flavor soy milk and omitted the 1 tsp of vanilla extract)

1/2 cup sugar (evaporated white can sugar preferred but can use regular white sugar)

1 tsp vanilla

In a saucepan set on medium high heat, stir the milk and sugar frequently until combined, then frequently until volume is reduced to one cup. Cool mixture before using in recipes, refrigerate to store.


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  1. duh permalink
    September 14, 2012 2:54 pm

    ur using soy and or rice, soy is a enzyme inhibitor. Rice is just hard on the digestive track!!


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