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Family Fun’s Whatta Melon Pops!

August 1, 2011

When Family Fun magazine comes to our house, I hardly get a chance to see it because the kids whisk it away. And then I am bombarded with random pages being shoved into my face..

“Can we do this craft Mom?”

“Ooooh, this dinner looks good!”

“Look Mom, there’s a new Lightning McQueen toy! Can we get it??”

This time, I got a chance to have first dibs. And I found these great pops. Perfect for summer and for kids.

Whatta Melon Pop!

Photo courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

If you aren’t crazy about food coloring, the original recipe calls for it. But the revamped version I used doesn’t. So, what did my kid testers think? My daughter LOVES watermelon. It’s the only fruit that I can usually get her to eat willingly. But I easily got her to try strawberry (and LOVE it!) when in a sorbet popsicle form. I loved the crunchiness the popsicles had in them with the addition of the mini chocolate chips and my son just thought they were “awesome.”

They were quick and easy to make and we all enjoyed making them together. Simple and easy and so good!! And so little adapting needed to be done. I really appreciate that they are making healthier recipes in their magazine. Great choice!!

Whatta Melon Pops

Adapted from Family Fun Magazine

1 cup strawberry or raspberry sorbet

1 tbsp mini chocolate chips

3 tbsp water

1/4 cup lemon sorbet or vanilla frozen yogurt

1/2 cup lemon or lime sorbet

In a bowl, mix together the strawberry or raspberry sorbet and 2 tbsp water. Fold in the chocolate chips. Pour into popsicle molds until 2/3 of the way full. Smooth the top.

On top of the sorbet, place a very small amount of lemon or vanilla frozen yogurt. Spread the top flat.

In another small bowl, place approximately 1/2 cup of lemon sorbet. Drop a few drops of green India Tree Vegetable Food Dyes and mix together. (If using lime sorbet, you can omit this part).

Pour the final layer over the top of the lemon sorbet, filling to the top of the mold.

Place in freezer for several hours or overnight until firm. Enjoy!

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