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Cucina Toscana — Downtown Salt Lake

June 13, 2011

Granted, fancy restaurants are NOT a weekly date night for my husband and I. However, we decided that for our quarterly get together with our friends, we would go here. We had a private room to ourselves, and the best waiter. The ingredients are fresh, pastas are handmade and the restaurant has won more awards than I could count.

Here are the highlights (and funny highlights) of our culinary adventure through The Tuscan Kitchen (or Cucina Toscana).

Don’t Load Up on the Bread:

When you first arrive, they bring you the most wonderful loaf of bread and dipping sauce. I think six of us went through two of the loaves in a matter of minutes before the waiter had finalized our order. It was an olive oil and spice flavor that just melted in your mouth with the soft bread. And left you wanting more, and more and more. Just ask them to bag the bread and sauce for you. If you can make it that far.

Antipasto Sampler

Our next course were full of words I couldn’t pronounce. But six different samplers filled with entrees like duck pattee, ahi tuna, pork, and my favorite dish that had proscitto ham, cantaloupe and pears in a delicious sauce went around the table. And everything was equally delicious.

Next came our noodle sampler. Again, words I’ve NEVER before heard in my life. One was almost a noodlish dessert. A lemon and cream sauce with angel hair pasta. Another was a gnocchi style pasta. They were so rich and delicious! My favorite was a spinach dumpling filled with a potato and cheese combination. To die for!!

Main Course

Everyone chose their own main course. No one was disappointed. My husband opted to have the waiter choose a beef main course. He wasn’t disappointed. Others chose the calamari and clam, another chose a pasta dish, or two of us opted for the salmon. It was absolutely delicious. I had to ask the baby politely during the course of the meal to please not park on my stomach. This was too good of a meal to not save room for


Some chose creme brulee while I opted for the extreme chocolate dessert. Whipped cream, chocolate chip gelato (loved how the chocolate chips were chocolate shavings), and a lava cake filled with fudge. My husband was upset I didn’t even save him a bite! It’s okay, because I paid for it that night.

Up all night with a stomachache from eating too much–WAY too much and not having enough room to fit it all in my now too small stomach. But it was absolutely one of the best dinners I’ve ever eaten. And the stomachache was totally worth it.

If you go:

* Plan on spending at least $80-100 per couple. Entrees are $19-40 each but you’ll want some pasta and definetely dessert.

* 307 West Pierpoint Avenue, Salt Lake City

* Make reservations, especially for the weekends! 801-328-DINE (3463)

Cucina Toscana has won all sorts of awards and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great place to go with friends or on a special date night since you’ll spend about 2-2 1/2 hours dining there. .

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