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June 8, 2011

I had some wonderful pictures to share of food. Food I actually made. Classic BBQ, bread, and good old fashioned s’mores. The camera card is not wanting to load and I’m sad–very sad. Until I figure that out, I can’t post any of my wonderful food recipes. 😦

Last night we decided to camp out in a tent in the backyard. The kids wanted this to be one of the “big” things we got to do before their new baby comes.

We made it the entire night and had a great time. I dragged out a bunk bed mattress out to the tent. I have standards. I’m at the tail end of pregnancy after all. It was pretty uncomfortable though. I even set the tent up by myself since the man of the house is out of town on business. It took awhile longer than the 10 minute setup, but I did it.

The kids of course brought half of their room out to the tent, along with pillows and blankets, toys and our labrador Sadie.

Sadie kept us up most of the night. Snoring. Loudly.

She loves camping and as soon as she saw the tent come out she went from excited to ecstatic. Running circles around the tent, running in and out of the tent, and happily following us on our heels as we dragged things we needed from the house to the tent. And bedtime? That’s her favorite. After we all got a round of her excited kisses good night, she settled down to sleep at our feet. Or any little corner she could find.

“Mom!!! I can’t sleep!! Sadie is snoring in my EAR!!!” my daughter exclaimed at 3 in the morning when Sadie decided to stretch out by her and take over half her pillow.

“Mom! Sadie took my pillow!” my son said after a 1 am trip to the bathroom. She decided to lay her head on his pillow and imitate the way we sleep. But she failed to leave any room for him to sleep.

“Seriously Sadie!! There is NOT room for 2 of us on this mattress!!” I murmured at 2 in the morning when she tried to snuggle up and get comfortable on my mattress. MINE.

She finally found her comfortable corner that we had initially made for her and she slept (and snored) the rest of the night. Needless to say we’re all a little tired tonight, but we all had a great time.

So get out that Summer Bucket List and start having fun!!

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  1. June 13, 2011 10:51 pm

    What a fun happy story! I love it! I had a cat named Sadie whom I have fond memories of. Sounds like your Sadie is quite the character too!


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