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Frozen Grapes

May 25, 2011

Have I told you about my pregnancy obsession? I am always wanting grapes lately. I love them. I search diligently each week for grapes on sale. I hate spending $1.79 a pound for grapes. Especially when I buy so many. I’ll take green or red. But preferably red.

I’ve started to enjoy them frozen now too. They are delicious as a summer treat when the weather decides we deserve a warm summer day. Crazy weather we’ve been having here.

Frozen grapes are easy, simple and delicious to make. They are also a great snack or a healthy treat to enjoy after dinner. They are also packed with Vitamins A and C as well as fiber. But they can have some not so good side effects too.

Grab some grapes, and hurry and turn them into a delicious frozen treat!


1 bunch red or green grapes

Cookie sheet

Waxed paper (optional)

Remove all stems and vines from the grapes. Rinse the grapes and then allow them to dry. Make sure that the grapes are separated as they dry. Place the dried grapes on a cookie sheet coated in waxed paper. Make sure that grapes stay separated on the cookie sheet. Place them in the freezer and allow them to freeze on the cookie sheet for 30 minutes before placing them in a Ziploc freezer bag.

The grapes will last about a week in the freezer. (I checked on several different sites to see how long they will actually last in the freezer. Many of the sites stated that the grapes will begin to loose nutrients after about a week in the freezer. Others stated the texture and shape of the grape lasts up to several months in the freezer).


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