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Apologies & Announcements

April 21, 2011

From Taste of Home, to finals, to a busy week of rehearsals and a dance recital and even a play doh incident on the living room carpet, this week has been a whirlwind of activity.

PLAY-DOH Classic Colors 4-Pack

First: A recap of Taste of Home. It was a fun event. I had the pleasure of bringing my little boy along who immediately scanned the room, saw it was full of women, and asked if he could play football on my phone. He wasn’t too disappointed though. He got lot’s of yummy samples from all of the nice people just by smiling with his little dimples. Those dimples are going to come back to bite me when he’s older and girls start to like him.

Second: In the midst of the Taste of Home was also my daughter’s dance recital. So we went back and forth from Taste of Home to the dance recital down the street most of the night. Of the few recipes I was able to catch a glimpse of, I was a little disappointed. Many used prepared ingredients–something I’m trying to cut down on the use of. Although the further and further I get into the pregnancy, the harder it gets not to want to turn to them for ease and convienence.

Third: From papers to quizzes, this week has just consumed me! Completely and totally consumed me. I’m honestly surprised that it’s almost Friday. FRIDAY!!

Fourth: What to eat for the next few weeks? I’ve got to plan and try to get two weeks worth of meals ready to go and I haven’t even started!! Saving money takes time and coming up with a healthy dinner plan does too.

Fifth: On the bright side, I’ll be posting deals again! That’s right! Sunflower Market, Good Earth, and Whole Foods deals will once again be posted for you! Let me know if there are any other stores that need posting, or any special products that you need help finding a good deal on. More to come on this one!!

P.S. Play doh really does come out of carpet! Only 3 hours and you can’t even tell my son tried rolling an entire can of play doh on the carpet. Hint: Rubbing alcohol and letting it dry. Works great!

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  1. April 22, 2011 12:37 pm

    I was disappointed at Taste of Home because of the horrible sound system! I was sitting right by a speaker, and could barely hear a thing! So lame!

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