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Match Up: Whole Wheat vs. White Pasta

March 23, 2011

I found it interesting this past week as Smith’s had a fantastic sale on Ronzoni pasta. If you bought 10 Ronzoni SmartTaste or Whole Wheat Pastas, you got $5 back instantly on your purchase making it only .49 per carton for pasta! And Ronzoni offered some great coupons like $1 off 2, so you could get the pasta for free!

I hit the sale twice this week at different stores, worried that the Garden Delight and whole wheat pasta varieties might be gone for that price. Unfortunately, I really didn’t have anything to worry about. At every store, the white pasta was sold out or had significantly lower amounts than it’s whole wheat pasta counterpart.

As I stocked up on a few different varieties the one thing that amazed me was people weren’t taking advantage of the healthier varieties for the same price. FREE-.49! You can’t get any better of a deal than free!

At one store I even observed a woman complaining to another one when the white pasta ran out that she was so dissapointed that the store didn’t stock more white pasta as her kids (3 & 2) wouldn’t eat anything but white pasta. ???? Kids are so impressionable at this age, and it is so easy to switch your and your children’s taste buds over to whole wheat. A year or two ago all our family ate was white pasta–now we eat white pasta and can’t get over the blandish taste. The whole wheat provides such a good flavor to any dish!

Whole wheat pasta provides extra fiber and nutrients that white pasta can’t provide. It also hasn’t gone through the process of having its nutrients stripped through the bleaching process, and then having them “added” back in. Nothing is better than the real vitamin or nutrient that comes from the food itself.

Get on board and try some whole wheat pasta!! And if you just think your family will hate it, think again! You can slowly switch your taste buds. Just use 1/4 part whole wheat pasta to 3/4 white your first few times. Slowly increase the amount of whole wheat pasta that you are using until your palates have adjusted to the new flavor. Voila! You’re now eating whole wheat pasta!


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  1. March 23, 2011 11:20 pm

    I’m always a day late on those great sales! good post, i would have been thrilled about the whole wheat variety.. My kids stopped complaining years ago!

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