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Diabetes Friendly Recipes

February 20, 2011

Perhaps you’ve come to this post because you are looking for good, diabetes friendly recipes. Perhaps you are newly diagnosed looking for places to start to find recipes. Or perhaps you are just looking for another person like our family that is living and doing well living with diabetes and is sick of hearing stories of amputation, death and kidney disease and wonders if there is another soul out there who is alive and functioning well. (Hi!! We’re here!!) 

And if you’re here for ideas for our giveaway, please head to one of the sites below and pick a recipe to try, than email me at with that recipe. I’ll enter you in a giveaway for 2 tickets to the Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theater. But you have to do it by Wednesday, February 23rd!! For full details on the giveaway, click here.

So, what makes a recipe, DIABETES FRIENDLY??

  • Fat calories less than 30 percent of total calories
  • Saturated fat calories less than 10 percent of total calories
  • Entree total calories less than 500
  • Entree carbohydrates (carbs) less than 45 grams
  • Snack total calories less than 300 calories
  • Snack carbohydrates (carbs) 15-30 grams

Confused yet? Imagine searching through endless recipes and books to find nutrition facts on recipes and make sure that it fits in those parameters. If that confuses you, than try making some of these delicious recipes from these great sites. You’ll find that eating “diabetes friendly” isn’t what it used to be, and it’s a whole lot easier when someone has done all the hard work for you. 🙂

Betty Crocker Diabetes Cookbook (Online Recipe Files)

Diabetic Gourmet Magazine (Online Recipe Files)

Diabetic Living Online

Eating Well Magazine Diabetes Friendly Recipes


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