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February 11, 2011

I am sorry to say, that this week has been a struggle to eat healthy for me. I crave anything salty (Cheez its anyone??) and apples. What a combination!!

Calorie wise I’ve struggled as well. I’m constantly hungry, just not for anything that’s good for me.

Perhaps it’s the February slump. How many of you started January out great, motivated, and working hard to loose weight and get yourself and your family eating healthy?

Laura Lewis, Celebrity Healthy Living Expert gives five key pieces of advice for helping you get out of the February slump:

1. Try Something New: Is your usual routine getting old? Try something new. For only $9 you can pick up a new workout DVD. In a couple more weeks outside workouts for those in cooler weather will be possible. Or try a new class at the local gym.

2. Set a Goal That Feels Good: One piece of advice that Laura Lewis gave is to NOT set a goal for amount of pounds you want to loose. Instead, set goals like exercising five days a week, doing more outdoor workouts, keep a food log, or to have more energy.

3. Take an Energy Supplement: (This one I’m not a fan of) But I do admit that she has a point. “Sometimes our lack of motivation may originate from our biochemistry, causing us to feel lethargic and unmotivated.” True. But her solution is to take an herbal energy supplement, something that I feel shouldn’t be your first solution. Instead, talk to your doctor and let him know what is going on. My friend in prepping for a marathon found out that she was actually enemic and not just suffering exhaustion like she thought. And more and more research is coming out about the effects of caffeine and herbal energy supplementation that leads me to believe that it might not be the best solution.

4. Get Help With a Wellness Coach: If you are really struggling for motivation, or finding out that you’re just not doing well on your own, a wellness coach might be a great investment. Typically you commit to them for a period of time (12 weeks). I’ve found in the past that when I commit to attending meetings with a personal trainer or wellness coach, I feel obligated to go. (Hello, I’m also paying an arm and a leg for it!!) Committing yourself to someone helping you help yourself might just be the motivation you need to continue your goals.

5. Just Move: Work to get moving more. Take the dog for an extra walk around the block, go for a brisk walk at lunchtime during work. (We always ran stairs when I worked at the hospital). Just keep moving!!!

For the complete article with Laura Lewis’ advice, click here.

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  1. February 17, 2011 6:05 pm

    I’m not too big on V-day either. Kinda lame, I know

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