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Top 10 Kid Friendly Fruits

January 27, 2011

One of the top articles in the last month has been the top 15 kid friendly vegetables article I did a few weeks ago. Would you be surprised if I told you that I have a hard time getting my daughter to eat any fruit? (PLEASE say I’m not alone here!) My son will eat bananas, grapes, apples and just about any other fruit you put in front of him. My daughter? She’ll eat applesauce only, and only if I mix a little bit of cinnamon in with it. So I decided to come up with some ways to get her to start eating fruits. Some of these ideas I have tried and had success with, others are on my “to do” list.

But I thought that I would share them with you. If you have any suggestions on things that you would like to see, or problems you are having in regards to your family and getting them to eat healthier, please let me know! I’m devoting every Friday now to your problems and questions. And I’ll even offer suggestions. So bring it!

Oh, and read the top 10 Kid Friendly Fruits and great new ideas for preparing them here:


The ever adaptable famous apple. I have yet to meet a kid (until last week) that doesn’t like an apple. There are so many great ways to prepare apples. There are too many recipes on the web that use apples in kid friendly meals. Try dipping apples in peanut butter. To jazz up your apple and peanut butter dip even more, try making Apple BonBons. They store in the refrigerator for up to two days making it easy to pull them out when your kids are hungry. Or try a delicious healthy instant apple crisp for hungry children as a quick dessert or after school snack. Caramel apples are a fun dessert for kids to make too.


Bananas are some of the first fruits that your child may be introduced to. Some continue to love them as they get older, while others can’t stand them. But bananas are great for your child. They are packed with folic acid and vitamin B9. If you have trouble getting your kids to eat bananas, there are some creative ways to prepare bananas. Try getting them to eat bananas while hiding them in a whole wheat banana bread recipe, or make frozen banana pops on a stick dipped in dark chocolate. One of my children loves his bananas sliced and put in with his Cheerios to help sweeten them. (Raisins are also a great natural sweetener too).


Growing up, I can remember my parents trying to force me to eat honeydew melon. I hated how bitter the honeydew tasted! But then they switched and had me start to eat cantaloupe and I was sold!! It was so delicious! And sweet! I love a good cantaloupe salad or grilled cantaloupe.Try some of these recipes on your kids and see if they become fans of cantaloupe too!


This probably wouldn’t top your list as a kid friendly fruit. At all. But for those kids who love treats like Sour Patch Kids and sour gummy bears, why not introduce them to a healthier, all natural sour fruit? Grapefruit is perfect! Grilled grapefruit is a delicious alternative to the typical grapefruit and sugar and can be made in your broiler oven! A grapefruit cake with grapefruit cream cheese frosting is delicious and can be easily colored with pink vegetable dyes to make a gorgeous pink grapefruit cake perfect for a springtime party


Grapes are a great fruit that many kids love. They go in almost everything. Try them to sweeten up a salad, make a delicious healthy frozen treat out of them, or even a delicious purple smoothie for your favorite purple loving princess. It’s also a great activity to get your kids reading. Sip on your delicious purple smoothie while reading the book “Purplicious.”


If you have a child who is hesitant about fruit, maybe the mango is perfect for them. It seems to have a milder flavor to it, and pairs perfectly with other fruits. One of our family favorites is a morning mango smoothie. Surprisingly we found it to taste just like an Orange Julius! For a healthy dessert, try dipping them into chocolate. For dinner, try a family friendly turkey sausage and mango wrap or for breakfast make a delicious mango bread!


Oranges are another favorite of kids. But some kids don’t appreciate the fiber and Vitamin C content (or the tangy texture). For those children who are tentative about the tangy flavor, you can make oranges into a homemade Orange Julius treat to tame the taste down. Kids who love the tangy taste of oranges might like to try a sweet and tangy pomegranate orange salsa.


Pomegranates are packed with vitamins, but are also a fruit that many parents don’t think to introduce kids to. They can be a little hard to prepare, and pricey. But they are sweet and fun for kids to eat. Many stores sell pomegranate arils already packaged so you don’t have to clean and prepare the pomegranate yourself. The pomegranate arils are so fun to eat. Put a few in your mouth and chew, and the pomegranate aril literally pops in your mouth and sends a sweet and juicy fruit flavor into your mouth. Try these in place of fruit snacks. Or make them into a delicious sweet cookie treat.


Strawberries are classic kid friendly fruits. But I have met many, many children who don’t like the seedy texture. Personally, I can’t understand how a child could pass up the incredible taste of a chocolate covered strawberry. But they do. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, consider serving a delicious and healthy strawberry shake. They are also easy to make your own fruit roll ups with.


Watermelon is more than a summertime favorite, it’s also a Vitamin A and C powerhouse. It’s a great refresher for those hot summer days. Seeded varieties become a fun summertime game as kids try to see if they can spit the seeds farther than their friends. Seedless watermelons are fun for those who aren’t fans of seeds in their meals. Watermelon pairs perfect with mint or whipped cream (our personal summertime dessert favorite).


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