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On the 11th Day…

December 23, 2010


After all, it’s Christmas, and there are so many fun things to do in your town. Our town too! A rainy/snowy/sleety day prompted us to go a little stir crazy. I had to run up to Salt Lake to finish Christmas shopping, and the kids had to come along too. Not wanting to make their trip totally boring, I found a fun (and FREE!!) activity that all of us could have fun doing.

And of course, it involved food.

If you ever make it up to Salt Lake City at Christmas time, make sure to put the Grand America Hotel on your list of things to do. Each year they have beautiful display windows with letters of the alphabet inside each one. If you child fills out the whole alphabet, they get a FREE cookie from La Bonnie Vie Bakery–an exclusive French Bakery at the Grand America! The cookies were huge, and they each got 2. The kids thought that they were in heaven.  Throughout the hotel you can also see some great gingerbread displays, like these:

The Grand America Hotel, In Gingerbread Form

But like any good children, once they reached the end of their destination they were overcome with the colorful displays of food inside the bakery. Colorful displays of cookies, gelato, truffles and cupcakes met their eyes. They came up with this and begged me for it:

The S’more Dessert from La Bonnie Vie

They split it and devoured it. I could hardly take a picture of it before they had it split and were eating it. This activity took us about an hour, and we had a great time going into some of the unique gift shops at the hotel. The bakery was reasonably priced–cupcakes were only $1.50 and the s’more dessert above only $4.75. And yes, like any good mother I am making them save their cookies for later. 🙂

I opted for the dark chocolate covered strawberry. Delicious!!

Definetely a fun treat for the whole family. The displays run until December 24th, so hurry!!

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