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The Disneyland Cake

May 19, 2010

Who could not love these little cakes? Mickey whipped cream ears, chocolate syrup and greasy goodness in every bite. It’s one of the only reasons I’m able to get my husband to go out and visit my hometown every year. Funnel cake.

And it’s the one recipe my kids talk about on a semi-regular basis.

“Remember that really good Disneyland cake Mom? I loved it! I wish you could make it like, everyday!”

Well, one night while searching the Tasty Kitchen site, I found a recipe for funnel cake. With rave reviews. And easy instructions. (I LOVE easy instructions!)

Actually, my husband who was starving and looking over my shoulder at some of the dessert recipes saw it and wanted to try it right then and there.

I made him wait awhile. I couldn’t enjoy it (thanks sensitive stomach!)

But they devoured it!!

Ours wasn’t quite D-Land quality. It was my first time making it. And I loved having my husband beside me helping me. Too fun! We were both sitting side by side trying to figure out how to make it together. We just sprinkled it with powdered sugar, but you could definetely go all out and pour on some chocolate syrup and whipped cream too. And Mickey ears if you want. Your choice.


The kids even found some interesting shapes. Like this “scorpion” looking funnel cake piece.

And don’t worry. The recipe makes a ton of funnel cake. That could be a good or bad thing.

Enjoy your own slice of funnel cake now by clicking on the recipe below!


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